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Cut a bitch

September 2007



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Sep. 8th, 2007



What, no mention of what you did to Hedrin? How about Asa? Do you even know their fucking names? What about the horrible lie you perpetrated on Enker? Is that your fucking idea of a joke? You think you're in the right for the emotional hell you put Alexis through? Bitch, read a book, the real Saito isn't exactly guesswork! HE WAS REAL, HO! And so are a lot of these people that you so carelessly tramp on in your little dating sim.

And I'm not EVEN going to talk about Gabriel.

(Oh please don't make me go back to that horrible place. Don't let this be a dream. I don't want to go back to that tepid hell. I was wrong to want Atreyu. Don't make me pay for it.)

My two cents

Remember me? I didn't think so. Don't act so goddamn innocent, you petulant flaky whore. You had it coming and you god DAMN well know it. Feel free to fuck right the hell off. As for me, I enjoy your theoretical butter flavored tears. You just go on riding this angst train, I've got popcorn.

Cut a bitch, but I'd get Crisco

Bitch, you don't even want to KNOW what I think.
Cut a bitch

Kaitana, for real real

I don't understand why you were obsessing over me. I don't remember speaking of my problems in front of you, but I assure you I do not take kindly to your insinuation that I invented them. I remember very well who I have sex with, unlike you. I do not run around in dragon form, and I do not act cute. I am a dragon king, in case you forgot. I do have a planet. I did not come here to have you drag me through the emotional mud with some pathetic copy whose name you can't even properly pronounce. Yes, you said out of character that there was a problem. Since I am  not in the way of reacting to such things out of character, I said nothing. I am left to assume that your fake simply failed to notice that I left. You cannot begrudge me for doing that, since you yourself perpetrated that same scenario on someone you at least loosely considered a friend. You mirror her frighteningly. You should hate yourself. You have not done anything worthy of praise. You blame her because you yourself cannot face the fact that you are an emotional quagmire who clings to her problems as if they define her. She put up with you and actively tried to help you for four years. You made no similar effort, and your last pathetic attempt at emotional manipulation is laughable. You are nothing. You have accomplished nothing. You are now officially a waste of time, and I am moving on without you or your paperthin caricatures.

For the gods' sake, you never even bothered to ask about Milgasia until you had an inkling that i might not be interested in your cracker anymore. You play him terribly, and I am no longer interested in excuses. I do not wish to be told what I should remember by a defective human.

You should know that you passed all chance of redemption when you embraced that creature as a deity. You became the enemy. Be a woman for the gods' sake and take responsibility for what you've done.

Lying cunt

Serenade doesn't flirt, you lying fetid cunt. If you paid any attention to him at all besides the fact that you got wet the first time you saw him you'd have known that. I seem to recall a lengthy speech about how he couldn't be with anyone down here. I seem to recall a certain shitty doppleganger not listening.

And while we're on the subject, while you may be 'broken' as is your favorite verbal bludgeon, you are no less pathetic for it. I have no respect for you. You did more to systematically destroy my respect for you than you could I think if you actually ate babies. You were not only broken, but spectacularly useless. Bravo. Do you want a freaking medal or something? Because I'm not here to stand around and mop up your tears. You are NOTHING compared to the real man. Hell, you aren't even technically a real man. You're an emo bitch, and I'm just not that interested in pussy. Rot in hell.

OK, look hobag

There comes a point in time when a man has to cut the apron strings and quit being a titty baby, you know that, right? Yeah, bad shit happens, but you know what? The big kids get over it. I've put up with your emotionally crippled ass for three years now in the hopes that you might one day get better or at least get functional. I DID have better things to do with my 15 year old life, you know that right? Why the hell should I have to put up with the emotional baggage of a grown fucking man? Why am I the center of your universe? Why do I have to bear the responsibility for keeping you in one piece? God knows when I was being tormented by Kyle, I had to be a big girl and suck it up. And you know what? I got over it. I'm not broken because of him. Your brokenness offends me. In all the time that I've known you, you've never even made an attempt to be okay. I did all the work, and you lay around like a dragon shaped emotional tumor. And I shouldn't have to be the one who chases after your emotional well being with a box of tissues. Maybe I wasn't really ready to have a kid. I AM only 19, you know, and I was 15 when you started fucking me. You're over a thousand years old. I should not have to be your mother.

And since you so kindly brought it up, no you didn't tell me about Diamond. I don't know what lies you told yourself to soothe your conscience, but I assure you I have heard nothing from you in the last few months. Not a god damn thing. You can't just assume we were doing 'normal parent stuff.' I don't think you even know what that is. I saw you chasing my brother around like a god damn bitch in heat and you didn't pay a damn bit of attention to me. Yeah, I found something better. Yeah, I found something stable. Yeah, I did something for me for a change. Blow it out your ass, you goddamn cradle robber. I refuse to be held hostage to your problems anymore. I hate you. Don't touch me.

Sep. 3rd, 2007


I hate my pictures

I don't think I have a picture in which I don't look vapid. Granted, that vapidness is usually me being "happy." I think love is the worst kind of opiate, but that may just be because I was in a somewhat soul draining relationship lately. Or maybe because all of my siblings were involved in soul draining relationships with demon badger filled saltine dopplegangers. Watching Dmitri destroy things was oddly prophetic. I know that Atreyu is one of them. Honestly, I don't feel much of anything about it right now, except annoyance at his complete lack of respect for me as a reploid. He was always trying to turn me into an animal. And I, being as stupid as I am, just sort of went along with it. I really thought no one else would have me after Dynamo's whole "ew, get your freak germs away from me and oh by the way you're not allowed to see anyone else even though you're not ever getting any of this that I'm giving away to the first human bitch I see." So yeah, Atreyu was better.

Oh yeah, and don't give me that shards of broken glass shit. If anyone's got a right to say that, it's me.

Aug. 31st, 2007


Fuck you.

What about love?
It's defective! It's always breaking in half

What about sex?
It's defective! It's never built to really last

What about your family?
It's defective! All the batteries are shot

What about your friends?
They're defective! All the parts are out of stock

What about hope?
It's defective! It's corroded and decayed

What about faith?
It's defective! It's tattered and it's frayed

What about your gods?
They're defective! They forgot the warranty

What about your town?
It's defective! It's a dead-end street to me

What about your school?
It's defective! It's a pack of useless lies

What about your work?
It's defective! It's a crock and then you die

What about your childhood?
It's defective! It's dead and buried in the past

What about your future?
It's defective! And you can shove it up your ass!
Cut a bitch

One more thing

It is not awesome to be on your own friends list. Just saying.

Aug. 30th, 2007

Cut a bitch


I have an LJ, and it is the awesome. The, not "teh." Teh is not awesome. You know why? Because it's WRONG! Wrong I say! It is wrong in its lack of awesome. Mr. Awesome does not use teh, because Mr. Awesome can, unlike most people that inhabit the internet, spel.